• Born date: 1886-08-18
  • Born in: Russian empire
  • Death date: 1938-03-03
  • Death in: South africa
Sholom Schwartzbard

Sholem-Shmuel Schwarzbard (Russian: Самуил Исаакович Шварцбурд, Samuil Isaakovich Shvartsburd, Yiddish: שלום-שמואל שװאַרצבאָרד, French: Samuel (Sholem) Schwarzbard) (August 18, 1886 – March 3, 1938) was a Russian Yiddish poet of Jewish descent. He served in French and Soviet military, was an anarchist, and is known for the assassination of the Ukrainian national leader Symon Petliura. He wrote poetry in Yiddish under the pen name of Baal-Khaloymes (English: The Dreamer).