• Born date: 1431-01-01
  • Born in: Crown of Aragon
  • Death date: 1503-08-18
  • Death in: Papal States
Pope Alexander VI

Pope Alexander VI, born Roderic Llançol i de Borja (Catalan pronunciation: [roðeˈɾiɡ ʎanˈsɔɫ i ðe ˈβɔɾdʒa], Spanish: Rodrigo Lanzol y de Borja [roˈðɾiɣo lanˈθol i ðe ˈβorxa]; 1 January 1431 – 18 August 1503) was Pope from 11 August 1492 to his death on 18 August 1503. He is one of the most controversial of the Renaissance popes, and his Italianized Valencian surname, Borgia, became a byword for libertinism and nepotism, which are traditionally considered as characterizing his papacy.