• Born date: 1786-02-02
  • Born in: Groningen
  • Death date: 1865-03-27
  • Death in: Hilversum
Petrus Hofman Peerlkamp

Petrus Hofman Peerlkamp (Groningen, February 2, 1786 - Hilversum, March 28 1865) was a Dutch classical scholar and critic, descended from a family of French refugees named Perlechamp, was born at Groningen.He was professor of ancient literature and universal history at Leiden from 1822 to 1849, when he resigned his post and retired to Hilversum, where he died on 27 March 1865.He was the founder of the subjective method of textual criticism, which consisted in rejecting in a classical author whatever failed to come up to the standard of what that author, in the critics opinion, ought to have written.