What is the Best Men's Shoe Company?

A man must care about his footwear because a poor option could result in discomfort or injury, particularly if you choose shoes that inhibit the body's cushioning system and gait. Moreover, shoes represent a visual endpoint and obtain disproportional attention. Ideally, you should select footwear that's stylish and functional. While numerous shoe brands exist, these are the best. What is the Best Men's Shoe Company?


This is one of the most popular Italian shoe manufacturers worldwide. Founded in Italy, it's currently headquartered in Paris. It specializes in handmade and bespoke shoes with distinct finishing from genuine alligator, calfskin, and kangaroo leather.



The Italian company deals with formal shoes that are popular among the affluent business class. The handcrafted genuine leather shoes are appropriate for official and formal occasions. Some of the most popular brand ambassadors have helped the brand gain more popularity.


Allen Edmonds

The Wisconsin-based shoe company is suitable for more experienced associates and business analysts. While some of the shoes go for $650 and $700, a typical lace-up will cost about $300-$400. The company offers quality shoes for sophisticated men.


Bruno Magli

The Italian brand deals in leather goods and dress shoes, which can go for upwards of $600. If you're a discerning shopper, you should keep an eye for sales at Amazon and Nordstrom, two of the most popular retailers carrying these wares.


If you're shopping by brand and don't know where to start, this list offers some of the best men shoe companies.

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