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What are the best Halloween films?

There is nothing as good as sitting on your couch in a warm sitting room enjoying a scary movie during the Halloween season. With the season coming up in a week’s time, the following are some of the movies you can stock to keep you company during the fun days. What are the best Halloween films?

Don’t Breathe

This is one of the best movies action lovers will love during Halloween. It follows thieves who break into a blind man’s home in an attempt to steal only for the plot to change and they are forced to fight for their lives after they are trapped.

The Purge

It follows events of the one night of the year where no rules apply, and everything wrong is legally right.


Police try to uncover the identity of a killer whose only trace is the markings of a jigsaw killer who died ten years ago.

Hot Fuzz

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost star in this thriller about a cop trying to nab a serial killer on a beheading spree.

The Babadook

One of the best horror movies of all time, this story follows a woman attempting to chase from her house a monster borne from her son’s story book.

It Follows

A girl has sex with her boyfriend only for her to be haunted by a killing hungry creature. The only way out for her is to sleep with someone else so she can pass the curse.

13 Cameras

Is it not scary enough to have your every move watched? This movie follows a pregnant newlywed couple living in a new house where the owner has installed cameras all over.

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