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User’s Apple Music is now safe; A new version of iTunes

Apple’s iTunes software has been creating quite a lot of of problems to its users as it was too complex to use: here's the new version User’s Apple Music is now safe; A new version of iTunes

Apple’s iTunes software has been difficult navigating as well as being complex to users. For this reason, Apple has claimed to bring about another version of iTunes that will have a simpler design. Internet users however do not seem to agree with Apple. The new version of iTunes is hoped to reintroduce the sidebar that has been almost forgotten and have more menus for user navigation.

The music application that was released in 2001 has not been able in customizing the interconnection to confusing menus. This has led to many iTunes users to express their frustrations as far as this music application is concerned. However, since the latest version of iTunes may not satisfy every complaint, it will have rectified some of the many issues. This update of iTunes to the latest version has reintroduced the sidebar menu, made connection between content simpler and the application’s interface has been modified. It should be noted that, this event of the release was more engaged in fixing a situation whereby music files were being erased from the user’s devices without their consent.

The sidebar had been in the earlier iTunes versions and now users can edit playlist again, drag and drop music files in order to create playlists or even they can hide and increase the place of the menu. Apple has added an improved Media Picker and this is to the sidebar. Switching between diverse media has therefore been made easier. This is according to reports from the Apple Insider. The Media Picker lets you move from videos to TV shows to music, podcasts and more. You can now customize either the sidebar or the Media Picker in order to suit your preference. New features are meant to ease navigation through the app or switching between media but in this case, addition of more menus in this version could just lead to more confusion. Apple has also returned the Back and the Forward buttons. These are used to access libraries and also Apple’s online services and stores.

Since the new service has no set menu item, it is still lingering to locate the Apple Music. Several iTunes users recently have reported that their local files are being erased from their hard drives. One of them claimed to have lost 120GB all these music. He said the application had deleted them. However, there is no need to worry now for this new release has catered for all the problems. The iTunes update is hoped to be released early this week. Apart from the iTunes 12.4, the OS X 10.11.5 was released on Monday May 16, 2016, addressing bug fixing, improvement in performance and elimination of vulnerable security.

There are sources that have been claiming that after two years Apple will scrap music downloads. However, this is not true according to Apple’s reports to Dailymail.com. Tom Neumayr, Apple spokesman later confirmed this and said it isn’t true.

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