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Uber and Google launch campaigns for self-driven car technology

Uber and Google are launching campaigns for self-driven car technology which is thought to be much more safe for human beings Uber and Google launch campaigns for self-driven car technology

Uber and Google launch campaigns for self-driven car technology
Google in unison with Uber have today 27th April, 2016 launched campaigns to promote and broaden the US legal code on self-driven car technology. Uber’s rival Lift in hand with the car makers Ford and Volvo formulated the duties of five founding parties of this union with David Strickland, the Former US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration administrator, being the union counsel as well as spokesperson.
The self-driving car technology has been received with a lot of interest from different points of view. According to Strickland, this technology will lessen congestion in America’s roadways and make them even safer.
The US Department of Transportation points out that the self-driving vehicles could minimize the occurrence of accidents for the largest number of occurring accidents are human oriented. The department suggests that there has to be established rules and regulations to ensure the standards are met. Therefore, Google and Uber will involve policymakers to design the best approaches to problems in order to necessitate the implementation of self-driving vehicles.

In response to AFP inquiry, an Uber spokesperson supported David Strickland’s view that congestion will be lessened and more lives will have been saved with the introduction of self-driving cars. At a Senate meeting, the representatives of General Motors and Delphi the auto-equipment maker outlined the many benefits of autonomous vehicles to the environment.

The head of the Google self-driving car project, Chris Urmson, emphasized the need for regulatory structure to govern the implementation of these technologies. He also points out that incompatible principles in US states are likely to limit this innovation. The federal government’s leadership according to Chris Urmson is greatly helpful considering the rising designation of laws and regulations in the state on self-driving cars.

Urmson confirms that 23 states have so far induced bills that influence self-driving cars in a period of two years and they all differ in their approaches and concepts. Such statutory laws have been implemented by five states although each state has its own rules.


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