The Italian city of Selinunte and its secrets from 2,500 years ago

Selinunte is one of the most studied city in Sicily for it still keeps a lot of thrilling secrets that will make you jump off of your chair The Italian city of Selinunte and its secrets from 2,500 years ago

Everybody knows that Italy is one of the best countries in the world when it comes to arts, culture and history, and the most incredible thing is that it still keeps on giving the world more reasons to visit it.

Very recently, in the ancient Sicilian city of Selinunte, secrets that had been hidden for 2,500 years have finally come to light thanks to the archaeologists that have been studying the place in these last few years.

What they have found is pieces of daily life which makes studying the culture from back then much easier. For example, half-eaten meals that were abandoned after the city was attacked have been found under the remains of a burnt-out building.

In the last fifteen years, the archaeologists studying Selinunte have also been able to map all its streets, its harbor, the industrial zone and an incredible 2,500 abandoned houses. Also, many un-fired pots have been found.

The most fascinating thing about Selinunte is the fact that it's the only classical Greek city where the whole metropolis is, to an extent, intact under all the sand and earth that has been covering it over the thousands years that have passed since it was one of the most important cities in the whole of Italy.

Something else that has been found is pot making equipment and that is because, back then, potters were an extremely important part of the city, so much that they even had their very own chapel.

In case you are wondering what exactly happened to Selinunte, you should know that it ceased suddenly after the Carthaginian troops made it to break through the city walls and killed an estimated 16,000 inhabitants of this ancient Greek city in the region of Sicily, Italy.

And what happened to the other inhabitants of Selinunte? About 5,000 of them were taken as slavesand, considering the fact that most studies have concluded that the city had about 20,000 inhabitants, it is now very obvious why it looks like people who were in Selinunte at the time weren't able to finish their meals.

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