Sint Maarten Jet Death: What's Your View?

A New Zealand woman has been killed by a jet engine blast while watching a plane take off on the Caribbean island of St Maarten. Sint Maarten Jet Death: What's Your View?

Come on, before looking at the wrong and right side of things just by mere facts we see this pretty much preposterous. I mean why would someone throw himself/herself in such situations and sulk at the government for not coming up with proper measures. That’s not right, I guess. 

It is an obvious fact that the Princess Juliana airport is quite adjacent to the Maho Beach so as a preventive measure, the Sint Marteen officials have already come up with preventive measures to make sure no one is in the vicinity of the hazardous premises. 

But having said that, how far can the officials can keep a track of people all the time and make sure they aren’t in the zone prone to be fatal. It finally simplifies to our simple decision of whether or not to go in the region during the times of risk. Being a tourist spot, the tourists may not be familiar with those accident prone areas near the airport. This so becomes the responsibility of the locals to help them out. 

It isn’t a thrill by any means, it is suicide by all means and even if some over entitled idiot asks us to face the jet blast as a matter of thrill, then it would be a big No on his face rather than trying for the thrill of it and ending up in hospital severely injured. So the tide of this is quite simple which is to be safe and not get carried away by speculative philosophies or in other words insanity, and see to that your rationality remains intact. 

Our deep condolences to the family of the woman who lost her life due to the jet blast and we can’t do anything to fix that. But if at all there is anything we can fix is the very rationality and the sensibility of us to refrain ourselves from doing this sort of thing and making sure no one around us also does the same. Now this is just a perspective of the news and you can still bring on your thoughts on to the table.

Do you think the Princess Juliana airport should be closed?

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