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Nintendo's store cancels Fire Emblem Fates Limited Edition Pre-orders

Because of a problem Nintendo's official UK store cancels "Fire Emblem Fates Limited Edition" pre-orders and offers a five pounds voucher discount Nintendo's store cancels Fire Emblem Fates Limited Edition Pre-orders

The Nintendo UK store has began making an official announcement to its customers concerning their fire emblem Fates limited edition. It has canceled the pre-orders for this product due to an unavoidable situation. This apology was made through an email that was shared on Reddit. The store apologized for the product having been incorrectly listed as being in stock when due to a technical error. The truth is that the product had been sold out several weeks earlier. As a way to show their regret the store is offering a five pounds voucher discount to any online customer that had been affected by this move. Nintendo realizes that it is inconveniencing and cannot apologize enough for the mistake.

The letter expressed gratitude for the customers having chosen to place orders with the UK Nintendo store. It went further to clarify that the order for Fire Emblem Fates would have to be canceled from the customers orders due to the fact that it was no longer a product that was available in their stores. The product was sold out on 1st April. The letter explained that the appearance of the product on the list of those available was due to a technical hitch on the store's end. For this reason, it was impossible for them to fulfill the orders that were placed during the said period. A such, due to the many disappointments from this, the store would reward all affected customers with 5 pounds discounts on every customers voucher to express their good will. This should be able to calm those affected even if it is for a short time.

Customers were obviously disappointed by the cancellation and chances are that there are some who may have expressed this concern. It was up to the store to do something to calm their customers and fans down. Customer value is important for all Nintendo stores all over the world. The move to offer discounts to all affected customers was a smart one since it served as something that pacified them. It was important not to lose clients because of a minor mistake that should have been avoided in the first place.

The product in 3D would be realized on 20th May for the European market although it is currently available n North America. Until then, European customers would have had to wait patiently for the release in their market. One thing however was that the anticipation would continue to build as they waited for the product with much hope, this time failure was not expected.

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