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Mafia 3 has a release date and it promises to be an amazing video game

Mafia3 is now a reality: the game will be released on the 7th of October 2016 via 2KGames and will be available for PC, Playstation and Xbox Mafia 3 has a release date and it promises to be an amazing video game

Video game fans couldn't be any happier about all the technological inventions that have appeared over the last decade, because it has made the world of gaming ridiculously exciting.

New titles are announced on a daily basis and, most of them, are fantastic games which end up becoming absolute classics almost as soon as they come out.

Anticipation for new video games is always high because there are millions of fans out there, and one of the most awaited ones at the moment is 'Mafia 3'.

Well, everyone who has been waiting for a release date for the game will be happy now since it has been confirmed that the game will be on sale worldwide on the 7th of October of this year.

Are you disappointed because there is still a long way to go? Well, don't be, because from now on there will certainly be new details, pictures, videos and trailers been released constantly in order to get everyone excited about the game which promises to be a best-seller and extremely good.

'Mafia 3', which will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, follows the story of Lincoln Clay, who is part of a gang in the city of New Bordeaux (which is nothing more than a representation of New Orleans).

'Mafia 3' will be the first video game to be openly about the infamous Italian mafia, despite the fact that other games previously released were about the same theme. That is why many people, the typical kind of people who complain about everything, are scared that this game will glorify mafia.

If you are not scared about the impact this game could have in your life (which, to be fair, won't be any apart from hours of endless fun), you will have the opportunity to walk through the streets of New Orleans, sorry, New Bordeaux, and through the different districts where you will find different crime rackets you will have to take over in order to earn money thanks to prostitution, drugs and illegal distribution of gasoline among many other doubtful activities.

We know there are thousands, if not millions, of people out there who can't wait anymore for this game to come out. Are you one of them? Let us know by voting in our poll and feel free to also leave us a comment below.

[picture: youtube .com]

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