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Is the Nintendo Switch worth it?

If you have been a Nintendo fan all along, you would know by now just how good Nintendo Switch promises to be. Here is a look. Is the Nintendo Switch worth it?

 What would you love about the Nintendo Switch?
 It's easy to use, and you have a screen with a great crisp display, just the way you want it. Additionally, it has a great hardware and can run all modern games easily.
The best part? You would love to work with the Joy Con controllers - they are easy to use and brings some cool functionality that you wouldn't get on other consoles. 
 The touch responsiveness is great while the transitioning from one platform is smooth - just as you expected it to be.
What wouldn't you love as much?
 It's good going till all is okay. If any of the accessories don't work, or you want to customize your Nintendo Switch, it would cost a bomb.
 The price of the games is also overpriced, even if you compare it with other competitors like Xbox One or the PS4. 
Should you get it?
 Unlike the Nintendo Wii, the new Nintendo Switch develops and rectifies many of the earlier mistakes. For one, you can use a HDMI cable now, as well as a power lead. Even on the hand held console, you have a big enough screen to play your games smoothly any time.

What do you think?

Is the Nintendo Switch worth it?

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