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Is the iPhone X worth it?

The long-awaited iPhone X has finally seen the light of day. The vaunted “all-screen” phone offers the best augmented reality on the market, comes with facial recognition and costs a very pretty penny. The question is, is it worth it? For many Apple fans, there is no question. They will be lined up outside the shop on the release night. For others, they may have some misgivings. Is the iPhone X worth it?

The pros

Described as “the pinnacle of design,” the security features promise to evolve over time, using infra-red cameras and lighting, as well as machine learning, to deliver the best security on the market yet. The software includes new animojis, wireless charging, a great camera and a super-sharp screen. The OLED display promises “deeper blacks, fast response times, and better viewing angles.” These pros more than outweigh the cons for many.

The cons

On the other hand, we have the cost. This phone costs as much as a second hand car, or two iPhone 7s. That is a real sticking point in most of the criticism. The security features are also being questioned as either being unrealistic on one hand, or invasive on the other. Finally, purely in terms of hardware, there isn’t much that really makes the iPhone 7 obsolete. Not yet, anyway.

So, what do you think? Is the iPhone X worth the price tag? Or will you be waiting for the price to drop?

Is the iPhone X worth it?

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