Gourmet website brings chefs to diners homes

Londoners who can't afford to eat out but want gourmet food can book a chef for their restaurant-style dinner parties thanks to Gourmet website brings chefs to diners homes

We’ve all been there: thrown a dinner party then sat down to eat and realize the oven never got turned on. Well a new website that its founders call "revolutionary" lets diners book a personal chef for the night to whip-up restaurant style food which users can then rate and review.

Dubbed the AirBnB of gourmet food diners enter details into about the type of meal they want before being  presented with details of available chefs, menus, locations and prior reviews.  Diners are then able to get in touch directly with chefs before deciding which one go with.

The chef sets the price of the meal, which tends to be cheaper than a high-end restaurant, while the diner decides on location:  you can choose to throw your soiree at your chef’s house, your own, or at a different location of your choosing. 

EatAbout founders Felix Bråberg and Philip Källberg are billing it as a kind of freelance directory where chefs can make a living and set their own hours.

'We came up with this concept a couple of months ago”, Felix said, “and couldn't really find any flaws in it; it's genuinely revolutionary.”

“Since then we've been going all-out to get it up and running. This has the potential to really change how people look at going out for food.”

“We're only focusing on London just now. We want to do it really well, and it's the market we know best.

“If you live here you know how expensive it is to eat out - we want to change that.”

And if you were wondering what calbire of chef the site attracts– it runs from all levels of expertise, although one of the biggest names is Masterchef finalist Emma Spitzer. “She’s one of our top chefs”, Felix says.


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