Forget killing time in Duty Free, now you can order online

Thomas Cook have rolled out a pre-order Duty Free service that lets passengers stock up on goodies up to a month before their flight by ordering online Forget killing time in Duty Free, now you can order online

If you’re secretly thrilled when your flight’s delayed because it means loafing around Duty Free that little bit longer then it’s time to find a new way to kill time in the airport – Thomas Cook airlines is offering a pre-order Duty Free service that lets passengers indulge in a little pre-holiday excitement by buying online before their flight.

“Duty-free shopping is one of those great holiday treats that has only ever been available at the airport or on board… but [passengers can] experience that holiday excitement in the comfort of their own home before they’ve even started packing”, Thomas Cook chief hotels and airlines officer Christopher Debus said.  

Under the AirSchoppen scheme passengers can buy Duty Free products at between 20% - 65% lower than high street prices. Passengers who express an interest in the service are sent a catalogue in the post and after making an order online their purchases are delivered to their seat on the aircraft.

“It gives them the opportunity to plan their purchase well in advance with no stress at the airport or risk of sold out goods on board – it is the perfect start to a perfect holiday”, Debus added.

Thomas Cook dubs it the “ultimate convenience for Duty Free shopping at both ends of the holiday” and says customers can pre-order goods on the outbound flights for their return  journey, thus provided the added value of goods being used after the holiday. 

If you find your purchase for cheaper at the airport Thomas Cook will reimburse you, and if you find the same product cheaper on the UK high street they’ll make up the difference in price.

AirSchoppen has been running in Scandinavia since 1987 where  it’s become an integral part of the holiday experience. Now Thomas Cook is “confident it will be a massive success in the UK too.”  

We predict spikes in Duty Free sales, with people ordering online and buying at the airport…..

Handy and all, but does it spoil the fun of Duty Free?

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