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Facebook recruits virtual reality experts to make up Oculus team

Europe’s first Oculus division is now operative: a team of xperts in virtual reality was recruited yesterday, May 22 by Facebook in London Facebook recruits virtual reality experts to make up Oculus team

A team of experts in virtual reality was recruited yesterday May 22, 2016 by Facebook in London. This marked Europe’s first Oculus division. According to the employee profiles specifically on LinkedIn, they suggest that this Oculus owned by Facebook has been expanding its developers in UK and its team of engineers. This has been achieved in the last six months. In the UK, the Oculus team is being led by the former senior software engineer at Google, Mike LeBeau. Mike joined this team in January 2016. He said in a Facebook post in January that their ambitions were focused on building some cool stuff. It is therefore an indication that the UK base will contribute in developing the virtual reality technology.

Out of the twelve Oculus workers listed on LinkedIn in the UK, only eight have joined the Oculus team in the last six months. However Facebook is planning on hiring more workers due to their recent job adverts for the Oculus developers. Oculus is still expected to share more about their international plans very soon. This is according to their spokesperson through Telegraph.

Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO has spent quite a lot on virtual reality. This company purchased Surreal Vision last year and a start-up for the British virtual reality. London has been among those biggest satellites for Facebook. Currently it has topped the list and therefore in Europe, London is the first Oculus base. There are Oculus offices in only six cities of the US. More posts of Oculus have been established in Seoul and Hong Kong.

Other market rivals, for example Sony and Google are competing with Facebook in order to enable mainstreaming of the virtual reality. There are still rumours that Apple is working on the headsets for the virtual reality. Allegedly, there is a secret team made up of hundreds of staff who are working upon Apple’s virtual reality headsets. They are determined to work against Microsoft’s HoloLens and Facebook’s Oculus Rift. Employees who work in next generation headset technologies are also included in the secret team.

Virtual reality will bring changes in certain fields such as retail, entertainment and education. It will also work on making its way to video gamers. Due to the social platform that virtual reality will create, the next generation will be built of VR and social apps.


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