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Facebook Live; watch anyone, anywhere, doing anything around the world

Facebook now gives you the opportunity to watch live videos anytime, anywhere. According to Zuckerberg this can change the way we communicate Facebook Live; watch anyone, anywhere, doing anything around the world

Facebook users can now watch live videos from any part of the world. This has been facilitated by the addition of a world map to the social network’s desktop site. Facebook has been working hard on this live video. In February, Facebook for the first time deployed a feature for live streaming video throughout the globe. This feature enabled users to share their perspectives and experiences live to the people whom they intend. Since the deployment of this feature, this social network has been changing its app towards making the feature more eminent. This included a finite deployment of a renovated Android app that puts video front and center.

The addition of the Live Video tab is a big step further for Facebook. In the desktop version of the social network’s site, the tab is on the left hand bar. When you click the tab, a world map will be displayed that has blue dots covering it. Choose any of the dots and click on it. You will be able then to access and watch any live video that is being filmed in the place you have just selected at that exact time.

The Mirror Online carried out a quick examination of this feature in Italy, Spain and Britain using the blue dots. In Italy, a woman was lying on bed, uttering seductive words to the camera and all this time flashing her bra. In Spain, a man was being tattooed at the back of his head. Finally in Britain, was a young girl in an aerobics class. The reason why you are able to see anyone globally is because they have chosen to share publicly their live streams.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive believes in this big shift in our communication. At the launching campaign Thursday May 19, 2016 he likened this live video feature to a TV camera in pocket because having a phone now gives anyone the power of broadcasting to anyone anywhere in the world.

However you should always be careful in the things that you like to share with the public. For example, according to the ‘killer’, certain videos in this live streaming feature are extremely questionable if this people really wanted the public to view or if they did it unknowingly. For example a lecturer filmed his suicide, teens broadcast themselves having sex and a father-to-be streamed his child being born. It is not known if they realized that the videos were being watched by the public. There is a guide to this service for more appropriate knowledge on Facebook Live. 

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