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Best Dreamworks Animated Film?

Established by renowned film director, Steven Spielberg, in 1994, Dreamworks brings together some of the best minds in the industry and provides the best possible competition to Disney. Since their debut release in 1998, Dreamworks have released another 34 films in theaters, grossing over $13.729 billion at the international box office. Here's a list of some of their best animated films. Best Dreamworks Animated Film?


Shrek manages to fascinate both adults and children alike, making it one of the best films. The movie has humorous and well-voiced characters while the plot is smart. Additionally, it has a charming feel given its fairy tale characters.

How to Train Your Dragon

For an animated film, the graphics are great. For instance, the dragons have so much texture that they look like believable dragons. The animations on the dragons and characters also look amazing. While the story seems cliché initially, the execution is great afterward.

Kung Fu Panda

The animated film features a great story with well-developed characters. You'll love the cuddly-looking and hilarious characters. Moreover, it's fun for both adults and children alike. If you enjoy a funny movie with emotional depth, consider watching this one.

With so many animated films out there, it might be hard to tell which one is worth watching especially for adults. Fortunately, this guide offers a list of some of the best movies to watch.


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