• Born date: 1450-08-18
  • Born in: Republic of Venice
  • Death date: 1524-01-05
  • Death in: Republic of Venice
Marko Marulić

Marko Marulić (Croatian pronunciation: [mâːrkɔ̝ mǎrulitɕ]; 18 August 1450 – 5 January 1524) was a Croatian national poet and Christian humanist, known as the Crown of the Croatian Medieval Age and the father of the Croatian Renaissance. He signed his works as Marko Marulić Splićanin ("Marko Marulić of Split"), Marko Pečenić, Marcus Marulus (or de Marulis) Spalatensis, or Dalmata. He was also the first who defined and used the notion of psychology, which is today in current use.