• Born date: 1792-02-17
  • Born in: Russian empire
  • Death date: 1876-11-16
  • Death in: Russian empire
Karl Ernst von Baer

Karl Ernst Ritter von Baer, Edler von Huthorn (Russian: Карл Эрнст фон Бэр), 28 February [O.S. 17 February] 1792 – 28 November [O.S. 16 November] 1876 was an Estonian scientist and explorer. Baer is also known in Russia as Karl Maksimovich Baer (Russian: Карл Макси́мович Бэр).Baer was a naturalist, biologist, geologist, meteorologist, geographer and a founding father of embryology. He was an explorer of European Russia and Scandinavia.