How does RankBank work?!

Fed up of the same old polling sites? RankBank's polls are social, and getting the answers to your most burning questions is easy. Think up a poll on any topic and pick from the 3 poll formats that the site creates for you.


  • MultiPoll

    Add up to 12 potential answers. This is the go-to poll for creating rankings.
  • EmoPoll

    Direct from the world of IM and chat, say exactly how you feel with a fun yellow face.
  • Yes/No

    Straight to the jugular: yay or nay. Opinions don’t come clearer than this.

Creating polls

In a few quick and intuitive steps polls go straight online to be voted on, shared or embedded. A poll’s success is down to its creator. They choose:

  • 01. Photos
  • 02. Words
  • 03. Voting deadline
  • 04. Multi voting options

Details and votes

  • Just one extra vote can power an answer to the top of the ratings.
  • Users can add or delete votes at whim.
  • 'Share' and Facebook comments buttons automatically promote the poll and on social networks.

Candidate page

The candidate pages are true depth charts on the options chosen by users for polls, with an eye on specific categories like CDs, books, places etc. Thanks to our already solid partnership with Amazon, ad hoc clicking lets users buy direct certain products featured in the polls.


Filters & categories

  • Photos are king, dropping in a endless scroll;
  • Buttons filter the 3 types of poll;
  • Buttons show polls hitting deadline and top polls;
  • 12 categories split polls into themes.

Poll box

A Template with 2 faces:

  • The poll front cover shows:
    • category
    • type of poll
    • user avatar
  • The 'Who wins' tab shows who’s currently coming out on top.

Profile page

There's a score for everything on the site. Rack up badges by being super involved and creative!

  • 1 Poll made = 20 points
  • 1 Vote gained = 2 points
  • 1 Vote made = 1 point

Users can check notifications, browse polls and actions and keep track of how many points they’re clocking up.

  • 1. Apprentice (500 points),
  • 2. Nerd (2000 points),
  • 3. MacGyver (5000 points),
  • 4. RankBanker (10000 points).