• Born date: 1394-03-04
  • Born in: Kingdom of Portugal
  • Death date: 1460-11-13
  • Death in: Kingdom of the Algarve
Henry the Navigator

This article is about the Portuguese prince. For the Dutch prince sometimes known as "Henry the Navigator", see Prince Henry of the Netherlands.Infante Dom Henrique de Avis, Duke of Viseu (Portuguese pronunciation: [ĩˈfɐ̃t(ɨ) ˈdõ ẽˈʁik(ɨ) ðɨ ɐˈviʃ]; 4 March 1394 – 13 November 1460), better known as Henry the Navigator (Henrique, o Navegador), was an important figure in 15th-century Portuguese politics and in the early days of the Portuguese Empire and the Age of Discoveries.