• Born date: n.a.
  • Born in: n.a.
  • Death year: 1582

Giocangga (Manchu: ; Chinese: 覺昌安; pinyin: Juéchāng'ān) (died 1582) was the grandfather of Nurhaci, the man who was to unify the Jurchen peoples and begin building what later became the Manchu state. Both he and his son Taksi went to the aid of Nurhaci's uncle Atai (阿台 Ātái) whose city was being besieged by a rival Jurchen chieftain Nikan Wailan (ᠨᡳᡴᠠᠨ ᠸᠠᡳᠯᠠᠨ; 尼堪外蘭 Níkān Wàilán), who promised the governance of the city to whoever would kill Atai.