• Born date: n.a.
  • Born in: n.a.
  • Death date: 0757-01-29
An Lushan

An Lushan (simplified Chinese: 安禄山; traditional Chinese: 安祿山; pinyin: Ān Lùshān, a transcription of the common Sogdian name ܪܘܚܫܐܢ Rokhshan meaning "the Bright") (c. 703– 29 January 757) was a general who rebelled against the Tang Dynasty in China. His name was also transcribed into Chinese as Āluòshān (阿犖山) or Gáluòshān (軋犖山), and he was posthumously named Prince La of Yan (燕剌王) by his deputy Shi Siming.An Lushan was of Sogdian and Tujue (Türk) origin, at least by adoption.